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The Week in Brief

by Bench May 29, 2020

Here is what’s on our radar this week:

Friday 29 May

The future is digital

As we mentioned last week, it’s clear the road to recovery is digital. McKinsey looks at how the Australian lockdown experience has created a new set of digital users, and how businesses can emerge stronger

There’s been a huge increase in all things digital and there are clear shifts in the age segments that have been hardest to convert, which means a broader reach of people moving forward. Australians are consuming more digital media from engaging with social platforms to reading news, and participating in online activities such as exercise, shopping and video catch-ups at an increased rate.

These insights are important for marketers to consider when keeping pace with digital strategy as restrictions across the country continue to ease. Check out the change in movement in Google’s latest mobility report for Australia.

Channel insights

Audio usage is on the rise. Southern Cross Austereo has reported that its live-radio streaming and audio-on-demand platforms continue to break records, with weekday listening hours up by 19%. As more cars are on the road with easing restrictions, this increase will only become more significant.

Spotify has removed its library song limits in a move that signals the immense popularity of the platform. 

In TV news, Seven has announced that from June it will be reducing the length of its advertising breaks. This comes after research into the effectiveness of advertising and viewing habits – reduced ad loads will increase the opportunity for brand recall by 25%.

As the free-to-air partner of the AFL, Seven can also expect increased viewership with the start of the sport’s season next month.  

BVOD channel 10 Play has unveiled new experiences for Telstra TV users and advertisers. There will be a simpler design, as well as a compulsory log-in feature, which will allow for additional data and targeting capabilities.  

DOOH is set to add a lot of value for advertisers as people are on the move. With the gradual return to school, work and social normalcy, we’ll see the increase of opportunities for programmatic and digital out-of-home. A reliance on digital is a safe bet to improve campaign ROI

Get ahead of the curve with oOh!media’s latest pulse report, and sign up to IAB’s upcoming webinar “DOOH: from Go to Whoa” to learn more.

In other news
Actor John Krasinski has sold his popular YouTube show Some Good News to CBS. Let’s hope the good news and positivity keeps on coming after the move.

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Looking back…

Friday 22 May

The road to recovery

Digital is the way forward in the COVID-19 recovery period. McKinsey Digital looks at how to keep pace and accelerate the use of technology effectively. It’s important for marketers to refocus digital efforts towards changing consumer expectations and enhancing the customer experience journey. Being agile and quick to adapt is a must, too.

As always, the marketing cycle is constantly in motion – and now more so than ever. It’s time to get back on track by revisiting marketing strategies, understanding the consumer and thinking long-term. We look to Kantar’s recent Marketing in Motion insights and trends forecast on getting media right.

And how can we emerge from this crisis stronger? Many advertisers have paused in this time, but that’s not necessarily the solution here. It’s all about connecting with people and investing in long-term branding.

Industry updates

As we mentioned last week, ISBA’s study on programmatic supply chains highlighted the need for a change. IAB Australia’s technology lead Jonas Jaanimagi contemplates how the industry should respond.

As the ACCC investigation into Google and Facebook continues, frameworks for how news media can be compensated for content have been put forward.


Where should marketers be focusing their efforts at this time?

DOOH will have significant value for marketers as restrictions ease across the country. Digital outdoor company QMS has won the outdoor advertising contract for City of Sydney from JCDecaux. It also recently won the digital portfolio for 7-Eleven’s advertising screens.

Mobile is at the forefront of digital advertising’s recovery. There’s been a shift away from desktop as mobile phone usage and content consumption have intensified. Video ads have taken a hit due to budget constraints, but the value of mobile video is here to stay.

YouTube has announced a relaunch of its premium ad offering as YouTube Select, which offers more flexibility to reach and target audiences.

Facebook and Instagram have introduced a new Shops feature. Now, sellers can connect with customers directly via in-app purchases on the social platforms. Watch this space!

Friday 15 May

Industry updates

As restrictions start to ease, spending has continued to increase in areas including online retail and subscriptions, supermarkets and food delivery. Gyms, public transport, travel and hospitality continue to be impacted with heavy falls in spend. 

The publication of a groundbreaking study by the Incorporated Society of British Advertisers (ISBA) has called for a reform of programmatic supply chains revealing there’s “a lack of understanding and consistency among the ad tech suppliers as to how they could legally share data and what permissions were needed”. This study has augmented the efforts by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) to investigate Australia’s media supply chains. 

Data challenges

The conversation around data and value exchange has continued. Since Google announced it was making moves to build a more private web, there has been a lot of discussion around what this will mean for digital marketers.

Brands are starting to turn to first-party data and the growing demand for personalised experiences as a solution. Value exchange is key here, as is brand trust.

IAB Australia is running a webinar series on the responsible use of data and best practices. If you missed part one yesterday, make sure to tune in for the next two. 

Channels and publishing

Buzzfeed announced the closure of its Australian operations as the current climate continues to have a huge impact on the publishing industry.

Although times have been tough in publishing, native continues to be an important channel of value for advertisers. IAB recently hosted a webinar with local creative examples, and make sure you check out our guide on how native can help your brand throughout COVID-19.

In other news…

It’s important to stay connected, and especially now. There are many ways technology can help keep us sane and adapt to our new reality.

According to Google Trends, “coronavirus” is still highly searched but is no longer topping Google’s daily search trends. As restrictions start to ease, perhaps this is a sign of good things to come on the road to recovery.

And finally, Ryan Reynolds has produced a spot-on ad/presentation for Mint Mobile. It’s perhaps meant as a parody but also reveals how advertisers can pivot their campaigns in the current climate. It’s definitely worth a watch.