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Social Marketing Platform Scales Multilingual Campaigns to 68 Countries

Marketing goals

A social marketing platform for Instagram that helps users organically grow their follower base, wanted to scale their product globally. However, their attempts to use paid channels to increase app subscribers weren’t producing the desired results.



Goal Achievement

1,640% (in 8 months)

Paid Subscriber Growth

I was a bit unsure at the beginning, programmatic being a new experience for our marketing in channels which had not really performed well ROI-wise previously. But after the small pilot I realized the potential for us to scale our results. There was nothing to be nervous about and the return has been unbelievable

Social Marketing Platform

Marketing Director

Social Media Marketing Platform Grows Subscribers Globally With Programmatic

This global SaaS product was created for individuals and brands who wish to grow their Intsagram following organically. Unlike services that sell followers, this platform lets you gain real followers using a variety of best-practice marketing tactics.

They wanted to scale their user base globally using an ROI-driven marketing approach. So, they reached out to Bench.

Marketing challenge

The customer’s main acquisition channel was PPC advertising and it was the only one that allowed them to gain new users predictably. Despite trying other channels, the marketing team wasn’t able to achieve cost-effective results on a consistent basis.

They also had to figure out how to scale their marketing globally and ensure consistency despite running numerous multi-lingual campaigns concurrently.

Campaign Goals:

The campaign goals involved driving qualified leads to the website globally in order to convert them into new platform users.



Programmatic solution

The programmatic strategy involved expanding the number of channels the customer used to reach potential subscribers. This included placing a heavy emphasis on increasing paid social and display advertising activity. Website visitors were also retargeted using the Bench platform’s retargeting engine.

In addition to introducing new channels, the creative was optimized continuously across 68 countries throughout the duration of the campaign. Bench allowed the customer to test and refine their creative approach to achieve maximum results across different geographies and in multiple languages. Such scale would’ve been impossible to achieve manually.


The customer saw such a substantial increase in user acquisition that they turned the campaign into an always-on one. They over-achieved their cost-per-acquisition goals and, for the first time, were able to have a predictable performance marketing engine powering their global expansion.

They were also able to acquire multilingual users across many geographies with only a small marketing team.


Goal Achievement

1,640% (in 8 months)

Paid Subscriber Growth

Bench Platform Features Used

Self-optimizing programmatic advertising

Media buying tailored to your brand

Smart real-time bidding

Even smarter audience persona retargeting

Real-time analytics & transparent reporting

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Social Marketing Platform

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