• Bupa

    Display and Facebook Campaign

    Bupa came to Bench after many failed attempts at acquiring  new customers through digital display. The display team were working with several vendors and networks and were unable to achieve a reasonable CPA target for the company. Bench created a detailed audience map for Bupa’s traffic, dividing users into over 20 different segments. By retargeting audience segments with dynamic messages, the team were able to activate several new media sources whilst increasing overall performance. Within 30 days Bench had achieved a post-click effective CPA, 40 times better than what was previously being achieved.

    • Improved eCPA for display by 40x
    • Reduced eCPQuote by 4x for display
    • Built an audience map with over 20 segments
  • NRMA Free2Go

    Facebook Campaign

    NRMA’S Free2Go division aimed to drive new membership application via new mediums. They had worked across Adwords and looked to a display and Facebook solution to achieve this. Bench introduced mass ad generation and testing across large pool of audience segments. Using BenchPages gave Free2Go the ability to deploy across several audience channels and leverage best performing audience segments. In under 60 days, through mass ad optimisation and custom targeting, Bench achieved a reduction in CPA by 54% and introduced a new online channel for acquiring customers.

    • Click to lead conversion rate 9.67%
    • 342 new member signups
    • Reduced eCPA by 54%
  • Powershop

    Display and Facebook Campaign

    Powershop, a subsidiary of Meridian Energy, required a new customer acquisition strategy across multiple performance display channels and sources. A thorough audience mapping and retargeting strategy was deployed across all of Powershop’s digital assets. Capturing audience segments via native, cookie and cookie-less tracking allowed Bench to launch real-time bidding programs across a large selection of media sources and macro-optimised towards performance goals. After two months of macro-optimisation, the overall digital CPA was reduced by 50% and the team had initiated customer acquisition via a large number of previously untested sources.

    • Over 60,000 visitors in under 3 months
    • 628% improvement in ROI
    • 50% reduction in eCPA across digital channels
  • AXI Trader

    Cross-Channel Display Campaign

    AxiTrader, a fast growing global Forex company required a more structured approach to scaling up their digital acquisition of new traders. The media team introduced a large pool of media sources including key exchanges, network and data partners. By layering media paths and buying strategies, Bench were able to deliver on several campaign goals at once. By introducing cross channel targeting and audience segmentation, Bench drove high quality leads which saw a 43% conversion rate from contacted leads to active traders.

    • 43% conversion rate
    • 8-10 sources ran for best result
    • Used BenchPages for high-performance media
  • Ultimat Vodka

    Facebook Campaign

    Ultimat Vodka Australia required mass engagement and awareness for their Australian product launch. Bench designed a Facebook photo capture and sharing competition using BenchPages. Through mass ad generation and customised Facebook integration, the Ultimat brand gained deep exposure in the market. In just 6 weeks, the campaign reached over 850,000 Australians and although new fans was a secondary goal, managed to attract over 8,800 new fans to the page.

    • Reached over 850,000 Australians
    • 79% click-to-fan conversion rate
    • Over 169 photo submissions
  • Benedictus Tourism Vanuatu

    Display and Facebook Campaign

    Benedictus Media required a strong lead generation lift via programmatic media sources. They approach Bench to build a multi-channel campaign for increasing competition entries over the peak travel periods. The media team implemented custom performance pixels to segment audiences and optimise towards lead capture conversions. Through layered source selection, Bench opened both in-content and vertical targeting to capture audiences across multiple media sources. In the first 30 days, the launch drove over 10,000 active competition entries and beat CPL targets by 66%.

    • High ROI on Retargeting campaign
    • Over 10,000 leads
    • Over-delivered on CPL target by 66%
  • Patron

    Facebook Campaign

    Patrón Australia came to Bench looking to drive a new audience of fans across Facebook and build and a list of emails for re-marketing offers, products and events. Through automated real-time bidding across Facebook, Bench were able to acquire new Patrón fans, generate a mailing database and optimise towards most engaged fans via promotional giveaways. This campaign attracted over 10,400 visitors and 382 drink suggestions. Every entry was syndicated on the person’s newsfeed, expanding the viral element to this campaign.

    • Campaign delivered over 170% of planned goals
    • 10,437 app visits
    • 8,274 new fb fans
  • NRMA Safer Driving School

    Facebook Campaign

    NRMA’s Safer Driving Schools division needed to drive new fans, increase lead generation and boost driving school lessons sales for a difficult Q1 target. By utilising BenchPages with open graph technology, Bench executed campaigns across mobile, desktop and Facebook. Through lookalike audiences within Facebook and contextual targeting across mobile and web display sources, the team surpassed all campaign goals and were able to introduce a strong viral element to the media buy. After 6 months, Bench managed to beat the new fans target by 53% and attracted over 27,000 new fans to the page. During the campaign, Safer Driving Schools saw their biggest bookings on record and calls to the call centre increased by 6%.

    • Over 27,000 new fans which was 53% over target
    • 5300 registrations
    • Largest customer bookings on record
  • K2A

    Display, Youtube and Facebook Campaign

    Knowledge To Action, a global financial education provider required new digital channels for scaling out their operations whilst improving their overall cost per acquisition of new customers. Bench utilised a layered media buying strategy to drive high quality conversions and open up new demand for their services. By leveraging contests, content marketing and product offers, Knowledge To Action was able to dramatically reduce their CPL and CPA whilst increasing volume and find new audience segments. In 6 months, K2A saw a 200% growth in new clients and an 80% reduction in CPA.

    • 80% reduction in eCPA
    • Grew overall client base by 200% in 6 months
    • Implemented high-volume of new customer segments