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  • So Your Retailer Is Flirting with Your Customer, What Are You Going to Do About It?

    Posted 06 Jul 2017

    Every brand thinks that they know their customer better than anyone else. However, reading about Amazon’s recent acquisition of Whole Foods it got me thinking…who really knows the customer better, the brand or the retailer? The Great Big Wall of Data? Forget the walled gardens of Facebook and Google for the moment and turn your […]

  • How Pepsi Killed Creativity

    Posted 21 Jun 2017

    Yep no question. Creativity as we know it is dead. Bold statement? Sure. But it doesn’t change the fact that the Mad Men days are well and truly behind us. There is no greater example of this than the recent Pepsi commercial featuring Kendall Jenner. No doubt a bunch of “creative geniuses” sat around on […]

  • No I Don’t Care What You Think, Conor McGregor Is Better at Marketing Than You

    Posted 16 Jun 2017

    It’s on. If you haven’t already heard the bout between Boxing’s Floyd Mayweather and Mixed Martial Art’s Conor McGregor is official. No matter the result of the fight, one thing is clear, Conor McGregor is a better marketer than you or I will ever be. What the Hell Are You Talking About, He’s a Freaking […]

  • How to Securely Share your Customer Data

    Posted 26 May 2017

    Have you ever wanted to build a custom audience in Facebook? Or perhaps you’ve wanted to provide a list of email addresses to a partner such as Google for retargeting across the web? Perhaps even to your agency or programmatic provider to use in a campaign? Were you concerned about sharing your raw customer data? […]

  • 3 Steps to Creating a Killer Open Day Using Programmatic Advertising

    Posted 26 Apr 2017

    As a marketer working for a university, you face a daunting challenge. Tasked with improving important high level key indicators such as equivalent full time student load & university ranking you only have several intakes a year to influence a decision that may have been up to 5 years in the making. Fortunately programmatic advertising […]

  • Are Your Ads Even Being Seen on Mobile?

    Posted 07 Apr 2017

    One thing about programmatic advertising is that unlike traditional media you often don’t get to see your own ads in action. Unlike a billboard or television commercial you are completely reliant on sophisticated targeting methodologies which by their very nature exclude you from seeing your own advertisement. No matter how much faith you have in […]

  • So You’re a Private Health Insurer, Are You Using Programmatic to Retain Your Customers?

    Posted 29 Mar 2017

    Today the words “programmatic advertising” and “cost per acquisition” never seem to stray far from one another. Any marketer worth their salt will be able to tell you just how much it costs them to acquire a new customer from their programmatic campaign. For private health insurance this is no exception. However, what if I […]

  • The Martec interviews Benchmarketing’s CMO

    Posted 26 Oct 2015

    Big thanks to Leanne from Martec for the great write up on Gil Snir, CMO at Benchmarketing. Her article narrates emergence of Bench as a leading player in Australian ad technology market and its pioneering position in programmatic advertising space. Gil talks about how RTB technology has changed the landscape of digital marketing, with examples […]

  • mobile native advertising

    What you need to know about Mobile Native Advertising

    Posted 14 Oct 2015

    Both publishers and advertisers alike see Native Advertising as an integral part of their digital marketing strategies because of its unique approach to communicating a brand’s message. Native Ads are dynamic and intelligent, and most importantly, adaptive. Because they’re built to blend into the site on which they appear, the actual elements of the native […]