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Our programmatic campaign management platform was developed for marketers who crave simplicity but don’t want to sacrifice media performance.

It is more than just an ad platform, more than an RTB advertising platform, more than a remarketing or media buying platform. It’s Bench.

And it takes the hassle out of managing your programmatic strategy while helping you connect more deeply with customers at scale.

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Here’s what Bench offers

Self-optimizing programmatic advertising

Why should YOU have to worry about which ad inventory to buy? Let Bench’s smart technology do the heavy lifting when it comes to buying the right media for your campaigns.

Our platform finds the best opportunities by making DSPs and publishers compete for your ad dollars. Bench’s algorithms — modelled on the expertise of top media buyers — then keep optimizing your ad spend indefinitely.

Optimize Your Programmatic Spend

Media buying tailored to your brand

No brand deserves an off-the-shelf, one-size-fits-all solution. Definitely not when it comes to programmatic media buying.

Bench analyzes your unique campaign requirements and, based on our data, recommends a custom media schedule based on your industry and audience.

Increase Your Media ROI

Smart real-time bidding

Real time advertising and real-time bidding (RTB) are the foundation of a performance-driven programmatic campaign. Bench’s built-in RTB platform features let you make media buying decisions from right within the software.

This works hand-in-hand with Bench’s audience analyzis engine, which lets you buy just the right inventory to achieve your targeting goals.

Make Your RTB Smarter

Even smarter audience persona retargeting

Bench is smart. Much smarter than just a simple retargeting platform. Its audience mapping feature automatically segments and tags your personas based on where they are in the purchase funnel by analyzing their purchase intent.

Achieve smarter dynamic retargeting without spending anything extra on additional software or having to engage any retargeting companies.

Automate Your Retargeting

Real-time analytics & transparent reporting

Analytics are at the heart of any programmatic campaign and Bench makes it ridiculously simple to know what is happening at any point in time. No more ‘media black box’ to put up with.

Track your media budget as the campaign unfolds and drill down into the metrics using a variety of filters. One-click export of all data to Excel lets you analyze the information as you please.

Analyze Campaigns In Real Time

Bench pages — landing pages, enhanced

Does the thought of building a landing page for each campaign seem daunting? Wish you didn’t have to lose conversions when refreshing campaign creative? Bench Pages were built specifically to solve these two problems.

Create campaign landing pages based on CRO best practices. Bench Pages integrate directly with your campaigns so you can experiment with creative on-the-fly and see what delivers the highest ROI.

Create Converting Landing Pages

Brand-safe, on-brand ads

We’ll ensure your digital ad buying is of a consistently high standard, and that your media inventory aligns closely with your brand objectives. And your budget.

Scaling your campaigns will be a no-brainer.

Protect Your Brand Equity

Programmatic marketing managed services

Programmatic marketing requires a great deal of commitment, time and resources to get right.

As a marketer who looks after a brand or an agency that manages client campaigns, extra time or resources are not easy to come by.

for brands

As a marketer, you want a comprehensive solution to help you achieve results but not eat up too much of your attention. Instead, many programmatic advertising companies and platforms can only offer a niche adtech product or service.

Our experienced team of performance specialists will help you with your entire programmatic mix: from DMP marketing and setup, to looking after your RTB advertising and media spend, to ongoing management and reporting.

All without making your head spin. All backed by the unique capabilities of our unique Bench programmatic marketing platform. It’s the perfect symbiosis between human and machine.

Let Us Help Your Brand

for agencies

As an agency, you want to deliver top-notch campaigns to your clients without having to worry about managing programmatic infrastructure.

You want a service that offers control, transparency and makes you look good in front of clients.

Bench was built by a team who have worked both client-side and for programmatic agencies. They understand your challenges. In addition to our platform, we offer a white-glove service thats fits seamlessly into your existing workflow.

We’ll help solve your clients’ programmatic challenges.

Let’s Work Together